Business Casual Workflow

IMG_8693 I work fulltime in a business casual environment & due to the chilliness of the office I wear blazers. I totally love blazers & feel everyone should have at least 2. That’s at the least!  They are a great way to add color to what’s considered a plain outfit or a great way to dress up a casual fit.  Think of “the blazer” as an accessory or an accent piece because that’s exactly what it is.  Of course, originally they were used for professional suiting. Not anymore!!


I wore this BCX red blazer, new to my wardrobe as a pop of color to a solid black fit & to add professionalism to the fit.  And no, I am not a Falcons fan…ha, ha! The Jessica Simpson pumps are fairly new to my wardrobe.  Blazer & pumps purchased on sale at Macy’s.

The blouse & skirt have both been part of wardrobe for some time now. The blouse I honestly cannot remember where it was purchased, but the skirt is from Dress Barn.



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