Graphic Tee Casual Friday

Who said t-shirts could not be worn with a blazer?

This casual Friday look is a graphic t-shirt paired with denim, worn with a boyfriend blazer & comfy leopard print slide-ons.  Thought to wear heals, but decided nah; why wear heals on this lovely Friday when I’ve been in heals all week?

IMG_8904 The blazer was worn to keep the outfit work appropriate. There’s just something about adding a blazer to a fit that can take it to the next level. The blazer is “that accessory!”

No blazer & still cute

No blazer

How inappropriate this would’ve looked in the work place?  Not at all, but one must follow rules. “The guns” were out!!! He, he!!!

Since the color scheme was brownish, orange, earthy tone I decided on gold accessories.  Good ole gold!!  And how fitting for fall!


Slim bootcut denim- American Eagle Outfitters (similar)

Leopard print slide-ons- Old Navy

Boyfriend blazer- Target

“Rockout” graphic tee- Forever 21

By the way, all items are from my current wardrobe; shoes & blazer fairly new, but worn a few times already.

Oh, the glasses were just an extra added accessory, compliments of a movie theater; old 3D frames.


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