It’s Fall!!


Fall is here, yeppie!!!  This means time to transition our wardrobes.  For some reason fall (autumn) & winter are my favorite seasons of the year; I can take spring too, but summer- nah. Fall & winter fashion possibilities are endless.  These seasons are the perfect time to show one’s creativity in layering, accent pieces, accessories, etc.

Know that I am a huge believer in using what’s in one’s current wardrobe, but I am also a big fan of replenishing & revitalizing your closet inventory. A fall “makeover” is exactly what my current wardrobe needs on the “work flow” side. I am ready to venture more into skirts, dresses, printed slacks & untraditional work shoes. Basically, I want to be on the less traditional side of “work flow” wear.    No more playing it totally safe!!  big smiley2 I will still keep my attire work appropriate.

Here are a few of my fall fashion basic must-haves:

scarves (in an assortment of colors & prints)

hats (fedoras, caps, top hats, etc.)

ties  (yes, women can wear ties too)



leather or faux leather jackets

denim jackets

& boots of course.

These items can be found at a variety of stores, but not limited to these locations: H&MEY Boutique, Charming Charlie, Express, New York and Company, Zara, Old Navy/GAP/Banana Republic/Piperlime, Francescas, Dress Up, Macy’s, Alloy Apparel (just to name a few).

Remember, it is ok to have fun with colors.  It’s fall, but colors are part of fall too.


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