It’s Officially Fall!

Woke up yesterday morning feeling uber excited about the fall weather in Atlanta, GA; it was about 40 degrees until 2pm or so.  Church in a few hours, but had no idea what to wear. Started putting a few fits together in my mind as I showered, but once I got to the closet, it hit me- the perfect fit using 2 items that I haven’t worn since last winter.


All items from current wardrobe. Queen Latifah handbag from Macy’s.

Decided on the black New York and Company ruffle button down, black boyfriend style Target blazer with the burgundy tuxedo Mark by Avon capris and patent black Jessica Simpson pumps from Macy’s.  How fitting this was for the lovely fall weather!  And how perfect it was with the gold belt from The Limited & lovely new hair color thanks to ZMahogany Hair Studio. The colors flowed flawlessly!

It is important to remember that our hair & make up are our best accessories.  As women we know the type of day we’re going to have based on the condition of our hair.  If our hair isn’t on point, there goes our day!  The same way we are to keep our wardrobes current & up to date, we must keep our hair & make up the same.  FYI- if you wear glasses as I do, update those too, as they are great accessories.



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