Thankful For An Abundance Of Clothes!

Happy Sunday after Thanksgiving All!!!

After an extended weekend of thankfulness, I felt it was only appropriate to give GOD the Glory for the little things in life such as clothes & shoes.  Today’s church fit was inspired by how GOD has blessed me with a closet full of clothing; some items worn regularly while others are overlooked.  It’s a blessing to have clothes in abundance as there are so many without.


This dress has been part of my wardrobe for well over 3 years & if I am not mistaken has only been worn once.  Don’t ask why! Perfect example of clothing in my wardrobe that have been overlooked. The shoes however, are new to my wardrobe from Shoe Dazzle.


Items worn:

Black & white belted dress (old): Dress Barn

Trinity blue & black booties (still available; membership required to order): Shoe Dazzle

This exact dress is no longer available, but similar can be purchased at Dress Barn or other retailers mentioned previously.



All Black?…Nah!!!

Work fit, black with a touch of burgundy. IMG_9395All items from my current wardrobe except the shoes, a recent purchase.  Caught these leather oxfords on sale at  Naturalizer for a whopping $10 back in August; just in time for fall. Originally $80, could you imagine my surprise when I saw the sales price?  I couldn’t leave ’em! Nothing like a great pair of leather shoes… and for an awesome price.  They are uber cute & comfortable.

The black ruffle button down shirt worn before, featured in one of my October posts remixed with a pair of charcoal colored capris & a burgundy corduroy blazer.


IMG_9398                                        Items worn:IMG_9397

Black ruffle button down (old): New York and Company

Charcol capris (old): Dress Barn

Burgundy Corduroy Blazer (old): Dress Barn (similar)

Black leather oxfords (no longer available): Naturalizer (similar)

Black with silver buckle belt (old): New York and Company (similar)

None of these exact items are available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Caped & Ready!

IMG_9631Today’s work fit was inspired by the lovely fall weather we’re having in Atlanta.

All items are from my current wardrobe.  The New York and Company cape , however has never been worn.  After standing in the closet trying to decide what to wear & digging through my tub of sweaters, there it was, sitting with the tag looking unloved.  According to my friend that’s “baller status”…ha, ha.  More like “unsuccessful”!  I completely forgot I purchased it over 2 years ago.

IMG_9633The handbag has  been part of my accessory closet for well over 5 years.  The first handbag I ever purchased from Target & ever since then I’ve been addicted to that store. IMG_9632

Items worn:

Blanket Cape: New York and Company

Long sleeved black tee: Target

Tuxedo capris: Mark by Avon

Camel colored patent pump: Ann Taylor (similar)

Brown patent woven handbag (old): Target

Multi-chain necklace (old): Dress Barn

None of these exact items are available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.


Casually Vested!

Last week’s casual Friday work fit- grey vest, pink shoes, long button down shirt & denim. IMG_9559Typically this vest is worn as business or business casual attire.  Wanted to wear it casually; so I did! It’s just like wearing a blazer casually.

All items are from my current wardrobe, regularly worn, but never together.


Items worn:

3 Button, grey vest (very old & no longer available): New York and Company

Long, white button down shirt (old): New York and Company (similar)

Miss Me skinny stretch denim: Buckle

Chinese Laundry Danger Zone pump: Chinese Laundry purchased at Nordstrom Rack

Urban Expressions Handbag (no longer available): DSW

Suzy Statement Necklace: Luxe Statements

Remember, remixing your clothes is okay.  Enjoy!!

How About Accessories?

30th Birthday celebration with my cousin & hair stylist, Zee, owner of ZMahogany Hair Studio at  Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.  Hmm, what to wear???  I’ve known about the dinner for over a month, yet waited until the last minute to put an outfit together.

I knew it was going to be cold, didn’t want to wear jeans (which is my norm) & knew exactly what top I wanted to wear.  I’ve had the shirt in my closet for over a year, but never wore it. High low top purchased from Shoxie (no longer exist) seen on


Since the top is a solid color accessories were used to give extra umpth. All items from my current wardrobe except the faux leather joggers, new from H&M.


Items worn:

High low top: Shoxie (no longer in business))

Silver & black layered chains necklace (old): Charming Charlie

Faux leather jogger pant: H&M

Red clutch: gift from friends & unknown where from, but similar can be found at Snatch It Up

Black patent pumps (old): Shoe Dazzle

Black floppy hat: Target

Silver midi rings: H&M

Remember to accessories!  Enjoy!

Black Stars & Bling


All black?  Why not?

A sunny, Sunday fall church flow fit.

Wanted to wear my black ruffle skirt & black star tights. Wasn’t sure what to wear with them, but figured it would come to me once I stood in front of the closet for a while.

My goal was to wear only items from my current wardrobe without adding anything new.  Accomplished!!

Brooch worn for an added statement.


Items worn:

Black blazer (very old): GAP

Black ruffle skirt (old): New York and Company

Black star tights (old): H&M (similar)

Black patent Jessica Simpson pumps: Macy’s

Brooch (old, taken from t-shirt): New York and Company

Belt (old): Unknown

Remember, it’s ok to remix your clothes.  Enjoy!

Yellow & Camouflage

IMG_9289I’ve totally been addicted to camouflage print for some time now just as the rest of the world.  Since camouflage print pants & jackets don’t fall into the business casual category figured a camo print scarf would be accepted.

Outfit worn two weeks ago to work on a cool, yet sunny fall day.  How perfect for a pop of yellow?  Another morning where I stood in front of the closet contemplating what to wear.  Then it hit me.  Why not wear the only pair of green pants in your closet?  Hmmm, with what?  And there it was, the yellow sweater & the scarf to complete the look. All items of course, are from my current wardrobe, except the scarf. Camouflage scarf is new to my accessory inventory from Dress Barn &  is currently on sale for $11.20.

Now I was ready for work feeling as though I had just gone shopping.  I’ve worn both the sweater & pants several times, but never together.   My hair recently done by hair stylist ZMahogany Hair Studio.  Winning!!!

IMG_9293 IMG_9295 IMG_9298

Items worn:

Yellow v-neck sweater (color no longer available): Target

Tan cami: New York & Company

Gold chain belt (remixed): The Limited

Satin green pant (older): New York & Company (similar)

Camel colored patent pumps: Ann Taylor (similar)

Camouflage infinity scarf: Dress Barn

Gold necklace, bracelet & turquoise stone ring: Old Navy (available in stores only)

Gold watch (very old): Guess


Remember it’s okay to remix your clothes & have fun with colors during the fall.