Thankful For An Abundance Of Clothes!

Happy Sunday after Thanksgiving All!!!

After an extended weekend of thankfulness, I felt it was only appropriate to give GOD the Glory for the little things in life such as clothes & shoes.  Today’s church fit was inspired by how GOD has blessed me with a closet full of clothing; some items worn regularly while others are overlooked.  It’s a blessing to have clothes in abundance as there are so many without.


This dress has been part of my wardrobe for well over 3 years & if I am not mistaken has only been worn once.  Don’t ask why! Perfect example of clothing in my wardrobe that have been overlooked. The shoes however, are new to my wardrobe from Shoe Dazzle.


Items worn:

Black & white belted dress (old): Dress Barn

Trinity blue & black booties (still available; membership required to order): Shoe Dazzle

This exact dress is no longer available, but similar can be purchased at Dress Barn or other retailers mentioned previously.



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