A Few Lost Items!

Alright guys, I really have an issue! I have a closet of clothes with items that are barely worn or never worn. Don’t get it twisted now, I don’t have tons of clothes, but I sure do have enough to substantiate not buying any for a while.  The problem is, I get bored with the same things then buy more to add to what’s already there.  Heck, if funds weren’t an issue I’d surely be apt to purchasing a new wardrobe yearly with the exception of those few items I just totally love.  Since that’s not the case, I try to hold on to those pieces I know I’ll wear over & over, getting rid of those I know I can live without.


This Sunday I challenged myself to wear items within my wardrobe that haven’t been worn in years.  Not only did I find clothing, but also found boots that weren’t worn last winter.  Strange thing is all items worn I actually really like, yet seemed to have forgotten about them.  Tisk, tisk, tisk!!!  I mean down to the accessories (handbag & necklace) were completely neglected.

IMG_9805                                                   IMG_9807

Items worn:

Blush pink long cardigan set: New York & Company

Royal blue corduroy pencil skirt: Old Navy

Colin Stuart slouchy boots: Victoria’s Secret (brand no longer available via VS)

Necklace: Dress Barn

Ostrich handbag: Avon

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.



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