Sneaker Day!!

IMG_9882Yesterday’s sneaker day was compliments of a fitness expo at work. An expo I did not partake in, yet took full advantage of wearing sneakers.

Yes, I do wear sneakers from time to time.  Every woman’s closet should have at least one pair of sneakers.  My closet actually has about 5 pairs; these being the only pair of Jordan’s though.  The 9’s are my favorite pair.  To my surprise earlier this year these Jordan Retro 9 Barons released just in time for a nice spring gift to myself. And a lovely gift it was!


The red Old Navy baseball cap used to add a spot of color.

All items from my current wardrobe.


Items worn:

Jordan Retro 9 Barons: Foot Locker

Red baseball cap (color not available): Old Navy

White & black skull scarf (available): Amazon

Grayish black skinny denim (similar available): Charlotte Russe

White side zipped sweatshirt (no longer available): Kohl’s

Black faux leather jacket (available): Target

Similar items can be purchased for those no longer available at the retailers listed above or previously listed. The Jordan’s however, may be available for purchase via private seller or when next release.



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