Go Long!!

Happy second Sunday of 2015!

This year my goal is to focus more on what I have in my wardrobe & purchase less.  Typically I do a good job remixing my clothes, but often I get the itch to buy something new. I must do better!

Sunday’s fit consisted of all items from my current wardrobe with no exceptions.  IMG_0154I did however, damage the hem of skirt today somehow. Thankfully I know a seamstress.

IMG_0160 IMG_0159 IMG_0153

Items worn:

Black blazer (very old): GAP

Long grey skirt (very old): GAP

Blue envelope clutch:  Snatch It Up & can be purchased via snatchitup100@gmail.com

Trinity blue & black booties (still available; membership required to order): Shoe Dazzle

Membership required to order from Shoe Dazzle. The blazer & skirt are no longer available, but similar can be purchased from the retailer listed above or those previously listed.



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