Gloomy Work Day


Woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain on the windows.  Of course, I was not expecting rain & had already decided on a certain outfit that now had to be changed.  Seems like it’s been raining just about every other day in Atlanta since the New Year. I just can’t take anymore.


All items worn are from my current wardrobe & have been for several years.  The boots however, are newer to my wardrobe as they were one of my last purchases toward the end of last year. So far I haven’t purchased anything this year. Yes, it’s only the 12th day of the year, but typically I purchase something for myself once a week.  I still plan on treating myself, just not as often. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves.


Items worn:

Grey 3 button sweater jacket (no longer available): Express

White v-neck shirt (still available): H&M

Black khakis slacks (no longer available): Dress Barn

Chinese Laundry black “Sheer Bliss” boots (available in patent): Macy’s

Black knit hat: purchased a local beauty supply store

For those items no longer available, similar can be found at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.



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