A Little Separation!

Today’s work look; all items from my current wardrobe.  The slacks worn are part of a set with a matching vest, but I decided to wear them individually.  Breaking sets, suits or uniforms provides the illusion of having an abundance of clothes, creates variety & allows for some fun. Trust me, I do it all the time and get compliments or statements assuming there are tons of clothes in my closet.


When going through my closet I always seem to find items that have been neglected, for example the slacks, belt & shoes.


Challenge: build new ensembles separating suits, sets and uniforms. 

Items worn:

Burgundy corduroy peplum blazer: Dress Barn

White nylon long sleeved shirt: New York and Company

Tan with brown pinstripes pant: New York and Company

Camel colored patent pumps: Ann Taylor

Camel colored patent belt: Ann Taylor

Brush pink with white polka dot scarf: Mark by AVON

Silver multi-wear necklace: Paparazzi Jewelry (my consultant is C. Renee McLain)

Exact items no longer available, but similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed. Consultant needed to shop Paparazzi Jewelry.



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