A Longer Jacket!

IMG_0631Fitted to accommodate the cold weather we’ve been experiencing in Atlanta. These cold temperatures call for warm clothing. This is the first time this winter I had to break out a “long” jacket.  Anyone who knows me knows bomber jackets paired with scarves are my thing.

The royal blue jacket is new to my wardrobe; purchased just two weeks ago.  Clearly I am addicted to shopping.  I had been eyeing the coat on Old Navy‘s website since the start of 2015 without committing to the purchase. When I finally decided to make the purchase it was still available in my size; it was meant to be. The other items worn are from my current wardrobe. Believe it or not, the GAP slacks have been part of my wardrobe since 2001. Don’t be afraid to hold on to certain pieces if they still look good & can be worn again. Remember I mentioned before utilize the dry cleaners to keep clothes looking fresh.  Regardless of the price the item was purchased for, take it to the cleaners; trust me, it’s worth it.


Items worn:

Royal blue long jacket (currently available): Old Navy

Black ruffle button down (old): New York and Company

Ash grey wool slacks (old): GAP

Chinese Laundry black “Sheer Bliss” boots (currently available): Macy’s or Chinese Laundry

For those items where the exacts are not available, remember similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.



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