Comfortable Get Up!

Two weekends ago I celebrated my son’s 11th birthday.  I figured, since he is the greatest son in the world & enjoys quality time with me- “Road Trip”! We visited the Wilderness at the Smokies in Tennessee. He had a blast at the indoor & outdoor water parks; me, I had a blast watching him have a blast & enjoyed the water too.

Most of the weekend I spent in a swimsuit, but for the few moments when my swimsuit wasn’t worn I enjoyed comfortable, casual clothing.  The weather was warm enough to wear short sleeves & flip flops. A hint of spring weather!  IMG_1068

It wasn’t sunny, however there was enough sun to shed some light on the days despite the rain we also experienced. Well, this trip was the perfect opportunity to break out a few new items.  The Vera Bradley tote bag is new to my wardrobe recently purchased from VRx Pharmacy.  Found them on Instagram all the way in City Creek, Utah.  It arrived just in time for our little trip- happy girl! The other new item is the t-shirt purchased at Target. You’ll see this t-shirt again a few times on the blog.  Oh yeah, I have a thing for t-shirts too.  Okay, okay, I must confess, I have a thing for all things “cute.”

IMG_1069 Items worn:IMG_1068

New York, Paris, London Graphic Tee (available)- Target

Cargo pant (old): American Eagle

Vera Bradley yellow tote (available): VRx Pharmacy

Black flip flops (available in multiple colors): Old Navy

Most items worn are available however, for those not available similar can be purchased at the retailers listed above or those previously listed.

Enjoy & be blessed!!


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