Brightly Done!

FullSizeRender (49)Every now and again I enjoy wearing bright colors together.  For the most part if I am wearing a bright color on top then I’ll pair with a more subtle color on the bottom & vice versa. Today was different.

When I purchased these yellow slacks a year ago, they fit perfectly.  I’ve gained some weight along the way causing them to fit differently. They’re a little snug making them a little shorter.  


Yellow slacks worn to work last year. They sure don’t fit like this anymore.IMG_7073

To cure the “high waters” syndrome, I used 2 hair ties to taper the legs giving them a cropped look. Improvision is the name of the game; after all, I’m no seamstress!

FullSizeRender (48)The Rue 21 statement necklace has become my “go to” piece these past few weeks. It fits perfectly with most solid fits adding color- just right for the summer. I haven’t been shopping in the last few months thus forcing me to practice what I preach of remixing what’s in my current wardrobe. All items worn are from my current wardrobe.

Wear what you have & love them or recycle them.  No need in holding on to items you don’t intend on wearing again & for those items you want to wear, but unsure how to wear them or what to wear them with drop me a line & let’s discuss. Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes & I have four…(lol) Utilize local consignment shops & clothing donation centers when purging. Remember, just because it’s outdated (purchased years or eons ago) or in this case a little shorter doesn’t make it unwearable. Utilize local drycleaners that provide alteration services, use the DIY method or contact a seamstress.  If you’re in Atlanta, GA you are welcome to use mine, Carolyn Jean Blue who can be reached at 770-905-3771 or

FullSizeRender (45)

Items worn:

Blouse: Similar

Slacks: Similar

Shoes: Similar

Clutch: Similar

Statement necklace: Similar

Fuljoy & be blessed!!FullSizeRender (46)


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