Twice In One Week Repeat Offender!

It’s not often I wear the same thing twice in the same week.  This item however, was just too cute to only wear once. I work full-time in a business casual environment, with Friday being our only casual day.  The item was worn business casually then casually that Friday. I couldn’t resist.  Needless to say, this item received plenty positive attention.

FullSizeRender (74) FullSizeRender (75)

Fairly new to my wardrobe, only being worn 3 other times is the cutest duster, purchased at the one store I can’t resist, Target.  I keep telling you, “don’t sleep on ’em”.

It made the perfect swimsuit cover up & the perfect go to item in my wardrobe to add a little extra pizzaz to a humdrum outfit. Typically my “go to” work cover up would be a blazer or cardigan, but with the heat we’ve been experiencing something light weight was best.  I believe the very first time I wore the duster I belted it around the waist. Uber cute!

Worn business casually paired with a skirt & tank, both have been part of my wardrobe forever & a day. Worn casual Friday to work with a simple white tee & a pair of men jeans, which are also items from my current wardrobe. I’m still challenging myself to wear what I have without purchasing anything new. I’m about to go on vacation though & intend on spending a couple of coins treating myself to a few new items.  I mean it’s only fair since I am going on vacation.  Okay, so clearly I’m trying to convince myself. Don’t judge me!!

FullSizeRender (69) FullSizeRender (73) FullSizeRender (71)

Items worn:

Duster: Similar

Tank top: Similar

Skirt: Similar

Patent pump: Similar

White Tee: Similar

Denim: Similar

Sandal: Exact

Fedora: Similar

Fuljoy & be blessed!


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