Walking Billboard

The other morning as I laid in bed deciding what to wear to work, a few pieces from my wardrobe came to mind.  Deciding on my outfit doesn’t always happen the night before due to sheer laziness.

After getting dressed it hit me…”OMG, I’m a walking billboard.” I was an unplanned walking advertisement for Mark by Avon, from head to toe. Even the handbag. IMG_0009

Many don’t even realize that Avon sells the cutest clothes. They do & the rotation changes often. My suggestion is to check weekly. I’ve snagged the cutest blazers, shoes, hats & handbags.

Every week my rep gives me a catalog and just about every week I can spend a “c-note” easily.  It never fails. Sometimes I have to tell her, “Please do not give me a catalog this week.” Self control & discipline are my weaknesses when it comes to clothes, shoes & accessories.

Now, all items weren’t purchased from my current rep as I’ve been shopping with Mark by Avon since about 2009.  Another rep introduced me to the Mark collection & I have been hooked ever since.

All items worn are no longer available, but don’t let that stop you from carousing the site or a catalog.  You just never know what you’ll find.


If you’re in need of an Avon rep, please feel free to use mine:

Esther Blackwood

Phone: 678-522-0843

Email: eeb1289.eb@gmail.com

Website: www.youravon.com/eblackwood


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