Polka Dots


This lovely sunshiny, yet chilly Monday called for light layers & polka dots.


It’s funny how often I locate gems in my closet that have been there forever, but hidden away in the abyss of the forgotten.  Today, I located the Mark by Avon denim skirt. This skirt has been part of my wardrobe for about 5 years now, yet only worn twice.  No clue why it hasn’t been worn more often, but it surely will be now that it has been remembered.

The sweater & boots are newer to my wardrobe purchased during Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays.  All other items have been part of my wardrobe for some time now.  The polka dot button down, scarf & tights have all made appearances on the blog before.

What I wore:

Cardigan: Target

Polka dot button down: Target (similar)

Denim skirt: Topshop (similar)

Tights: Old Navy (similar)

Polka dot scarf: Overstock.com (similar)

Booties: Macy’s



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