Spring Layers

IMG_4859 (Edited)

When you get invited to a high school graduation and have no clue what to wear.

What do you do? Pants were totally out of the question, purchasing something new was not an option; after all I have a closet full of clothes that can be remixed.

Temperatures were expected to be hot, so something cool, yet cute was the objective. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Okay, got it! A simple t-shirt dress & duster. The duster worn as a layer of color since the dress was solid. Both items had been worn before separately.

You know I am all about remixing pieces in an effort to save coins. For the graduation I decided to remix the items locking them together with a braided, fringe belt. The Express Belt is new to my wardrobe. Faux suede belts seem to be a common accessory for spring 2016.

What I Wore:

Duster- Similar

T-Shirt dress Similar

Shoes- Similar

Tidbit: Layers are totally acceptable during the spring months. Enjoy them!!




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