Silver Streak

When I try not to spend my coins, but my Avon representative shows up with a new catalog enticing me. The eye catcher this time were the Silver Streak Sneaks.  I had to have them. IMG_4878I ordered them along with a pair of pumps that were a must have too. IMG_4870 (Edited)Truth be told, I had no clue how I was going to wear my new sneakers or with what for that matter, but I knew I wanted to wear them as soon as they arrived. After all they took forever to arrive due to an error with my address.

The day I decided to wear them was a work day for me so I had to pull off a successful business casual look with a little flare. All black was the simplest way to go & most appropriate. The brief case was worn to give it the business feel (there was no real business going on in that brief case…lol).

IMG_4867 (Edited)The attention these sneaks received was incredible.  All I could do was rant & rave about how comfortable & affordable they are. They are super worth it! Go get you a pair before they’re sold out.

All other items worn are remixed pieces from my wardrobe .

Tidbit: If you don’t have an Avon rep, please feel free to use mine, Esther Blackwood. Coupon codes can be used when ordering via her website.


IMG_4879 (Edited)IMG_4869 (Edited)


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