Tipping the “Scales”

Mark by Avon does it again! Every time I say no more spending any unnecessary coins I check out the Mark catalog then another item purchased.

My Avon rep showed up with a catalog filled with goodies.  I managed to only purchase one item instead of the 5 “must haves” circled. Not too bad!!

IMG_3321 (Edited)

The blazer was a must have.  I couldn’t resist purchasing it.  Oh yeah, did I mention there was a 20% off coupon located online.  #winning

There’s no such thing as too many blazers, although this past winter blazers weren’t my first choice.

 As stated in previous blogs, blazers are the perfect accessory. IMG_3191 (Edited)They can be worn casually with denim & a tee shirt, business casually or traditionally, as business wear. Heck, wear ’em with shorts, why don’t you.

The blazer was worn both times casually.

Tidbit: Before ordering online via any website, search online coupon codes because you just never know what’s available.  Try multiple codes if need be; one just may work 🙂



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