Fringe Please


So ummm, on this particular day I completely forgot that I work in a conservative environment and decided to get dressed in an outfit that was a bit risqué. There was no way I could’ve walked into the workplace dressed like this.  All of my thighs were exposed with each step I took.funny-black-man-face-shocked-e1337411871915

It was totally impossible for me to pull this off as a work outfit. If I worked in a more liberal, fashion friendly environment, it would’ve been on point.

Thankfully that night I had a movie date which it was perfect for. Oh yeah, I was determined to wear this skirt after it sat in my closet almost the entire winter with the tags.  Unsuccessful!!

IMG_3159IMG_3156Tidbit: Dress accordingly for the environment, workplace, occasion or event.  Don’t be unsuccessful.

All items worn were featured on the blog previously except the fringe skirt purchased from JustFab– membership required to order.







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